History of Tent 30

Lakeside Cemetery - Lake Odessa, Ionia County, Michigan
Lakeside Cemetery - Lake Odessa, Ionia County, Michigan

The Helen M Edwins Tent # 30 was organized on March 31, 1926 due to the earnest efforts of Comrade William Edwins, a member of the Samuel W Grinnel GAR Post 283. At this meeting, it was voted to name the Tent after Comrade Edwins wife, Helen M Edwins. Comrade Edwins and his wife were very supportive to Tent # 30. Officers were elected. The next day, April 1, 1926, Michigan Department President, Pearl Baker and staff gave a School of Instruction to the members of Tent # 30 at the GAR Hall.

Charter members:
Edna Sandborn, Edna Steward, Neva Hough, Mable Ralston, Bernice Peabody, Lydia Hager, Carrie Trowbridge, Nancy Fleetham, Stella Bishop, Minnie Aungst, Florence Edwins, Nellie Figg, Sarah Bliss, Dorothy Mapes, Maxine Linhart, Iris Peabody, Gretchen Mapes, Mary Green, Ellen Mapes, Mildred Mapes, Hildreth Dow, Jenne Fleetham, Joie R Bishop, Hazel Bosworth, Cora Hildenger, Lydia Stinchcomb, Hester Estep, Daisy Peabody, Bina L Stinchcomb, Cora Shepherd, Elaine Linhart, Olga E Stinchcomb, Laura Showerman, Maude Kart, Anna Bidwell, Sarah Wilcox, Mildred Brown, Edith Edwins and Cora Norris.

The Charter was received April 1, 1926 and signed by Department President Pearl Baker and Department Secretary Mary Fisher.

Accomplishments: Preserving Interest in Civil War

All local GAR members were remembered on birthdays, Christmas and, if ill, with cards, flowers and gifts. Money and cards were sent to the Grand Rapids facility for all veterans of the Civil War as long as there were veterans to remember.

The Daughters cooperated with the GAR and SUV in celebrating Memorial Day Sunday. For the last 20 years the program has been sponsored by the DUV with the local ministers, Lakewood band, Boy Scouts, local Veterans and individuals participating.

The Daughters and Sons worked together to maintain the GAR hall from the time the Daughters were organized until the Sons disbanded. The Daughters received a deed to the GAR Hall in 1934. It has been the Daughters' responsibility since then.

We have put flags on the local cemeteries since we organized in 1926 until the present time. Some years in cooperating with the SUV and other Veteran organizations. The Townships pay for the flags at the present time.

We have contributed to Veterans Facilities and to other Department and National Funds since we were chartered in 1926. Since 1965 we have had an annual family dinner before our January meeting. We make out our annual Departmental Department reports in the afternoon.


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